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The Hostests

A few years back, we decided it was time to pick the best pieces of our experience and offer some really warm hospitality to people who wanted to explore our hometown, Kalamata.


Graecushouse Co-founder


Graecushouse Co-founder

Feel like a local

Be part of our story and enjoy a full Greek experience.

Clear your head and shove your feet in the sand, explore the hidden gems and taste the local dishes. Get ready for a remarkable excursion. Reach out to us and let’s create your personalised map with a plethora of pins for endless beaches, crystalline lagoons, hidden waterfalls and unexplored islets.

How we stand apart ?

We are travellers and we deeply understand your needs. We are professionals and we have travelled abroad for several business purposes.

and everywhere we are, we wanna feel like home!


Feel like a local

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Kalamata, Messinia, Greece

(+30) 697 7185344

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